Minnesota state senator of district 67

Thank you for re-electing me to serve a second term in the Minnesota Senate.  Although there will be tougher challenges ahead, I'll do my best to represent you, the people of the East Side St. Paul.  - Sen. Foung Hawj

Dear Fellow Eastsiders,
Four years ago you sent me to the state senate.  Since then, we have expanded healthcare and job growth, funded voluntary all-day kindergarten, passed meaningful bonding initiatives and froze college tuition, along with other progress.  We turned Minnesota from a state of deficit to a four consecutive years of surpluses.  I am humbled to be a part of the legislative process that brought forth this progress.  While I have collaborated with fellow legislators for the greater good of Minnesota, not a single day goes by that I don’t think about finding growth for the East Side.   I worked hard on economic equity, youth summer jobs, affordable housing, and funding for Metro State Science and Education Center and the Eastside Enterprise Center.   Furthermore, I have been an effective culture broker for our diverse communities.  I will continue to work hard for our district.  Thank you.

Sen Foung Hawj

Contact Information

Capitol Office  (651) 296-5285

Campaign        (651) 592-3129

P.O. Box 600336 Paul, MN 55106   info@founghawj.com  (651) 592-3129
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