Minnesota state senator of district 67

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Contact Information

Capitol Office  (651) 296-5285

Campaign        (651) 592-3129

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In addition to my serving as a member of the Jobs and Economic Development Committee and the Transportation Committee, I am now the Chair of the Committee on Environment, Climate and Legacy.  This means, I will now have the gavel in my hand to oversee the legislations for Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts and Culture Funding.  My chairmanship on the environment committee is a result of Minnesota voters turning the MN Senate to Democrat control or DFL majority.  Not only that, I am elected by my senate peer as Chair of Legislative-Citizen Commission on MInnesota Resources (LCCMR), Lessard-Same Outdoor  Heritage Council, and more importantly the Assistant Majority Leader to set direction for our DFL Caucus.  Thank you for everyone’s help. 


Sen. Foung Hawj

  • Assistant Majority Leader
  • Chair of Environment, Climate, Legacy Finance Committee
  • Senate Chair of Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources
  • ​Jobs and Economic Development Committee and Transportation Committee
  • Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council