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Minnesota state senator of district 67

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you for the privilege to serve as your Minnesota State Senator for the past 9 years. The last two years have been difficult for us and our communities, and together, we are working through those challenges and are building for the future again. I congratulate and thank you for your perseverance through these times.

I am excited to seek reelection for another term as your East Side State Senator to continue working with the Legislature, Governor, and you.  The East Side community is calling for greater public safety, properly funded public education, tax breaks for middle and lower income workers, increase in affordable housing stock, jobs for a growing economy, and health care insurance for all. We must work diligently and with haste on addressing the ramifications of climate change and accelerate the development of clean energy.

In order to achieve victories for the people of the East Side and Minnesota, we need a DFL Senate Majority which will assure progressive change in all of these issues and challenges. When my Senate DFL colleagues elected me Assistant Minority Leader they were voting for progressive change and for equity and justice to be represented at the table of decision.

I hope you will be a part of the change that is coming and support my reelection. It is an honor and privilege to represent the families of District 67 in the State Senate. Again, thank you for being a  Delegate this year. Please call, write, email, or visit me in my office with any concerns or initiatives.


Sen. Foung Hawj

  • Assistant Minority Leader 
  • Committees:  Ranking Minority Member, Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance
  •  Jobs and Economic Growth Finance and Policy
  •  Veterans and Military Affairs Finance and Policy